Hi, I am Tomasz Ostrowski.

I am a passionate introvert photographer from the United States. I Lived and worked in Tri-State area most of my life. I am not one of those photographers that was born with the camera, but the camera and I were destined to find each other one day. I am lucky to be also father and a life partner to the two most amazing people I like to call my family. I enjoy playing soccer, biking and hiking.



“Dear Tomek,

Thank you very much for these beautiful photos!

You have no idea how grateful and ecstatic Andrew and Maurine are with the wedding photos and the top-notch photography services we received from you! You are awesome and we are very much lucky we found you - truly a needle in a haystack.

When our friends and family are looking for a photographer, we now know who we will recommend!

Thank you so much and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay safe.

Llandelar Family”